Practice Areas

Licensing refers to the process by which the owner of intellectual property rights, such as patents, trade secrets, know-how, trademarks, service marks, or copyrights, grants a portion of its rights in the intellectual property to another party, while still retaining ownership of the intellectual property. “Technology transfer” refers to the process by which ownership of technology owned or developed by one party is legally transferred to another party.

Curatolo Sidoti can assist your company with the preparation of the following intellectual property agreements:

 Patent License Agreements
 Trade Secret and Know-How License Agreements
 Employee Inventions Agreements
 Joint Development Agreements
 Sponsored Research Agreements
 Trademark License Agreements
 Copyright License Agreements
 Software License Agreements
 Confidentiality/Secrecy Agreements
 Materials and Information Transfer Agreements
 Technology-Based Consulting Agreements
 Technology Transfer Agreements